Selected Candidates for the post of Receptionist

The Norbu Healing Arts Centre is pleased to announce the Selected Candidates for the post of Receptionist.

INTERVIEW RESULTS (for the post of Receptionist)

SL # Name C.I.D # Mobile # Remarks
1.        Pelden Tshomo 11603001560 17501388 SELECTED
2.       Rada Wangmo 11506003015 17324668 SELECTED
3. Sonam Lhamo 12001003805 77213856 STAND BY
4. Kinzang Choden 11608002955 17848042 STAND BY
5. Kezang Dema 10801001471 17773066 STAND BY


The Selected candidate is required to report to HRA Department, Head Office immediately with relevant documents as announced earlier.