Healing Services

The centre will provide services through high quality therapeutic massage based on the needs of the customers with pure hands on healing and the creative arts. Since the centre is purely based on healing processes, there are no side effects as well as no danger to the health of the people who visits the centre.

Mechanism/Approach: The modalities used are not intended to replace other forms of health care, but rather to complement and assist the healing processes.

This unit deals with healing therapy and massages. With well trained professionals, the unit provides best of services to the customers.

The Best Healing Services that we provide to our customers are:

  1. Healing-Signature
  2. Healing-Aroma
  3. Healing-Geriatric/Elderly
  4. Healing-Infant
  5. Healing-Pregnancy
  6. Healing-Pre / Post Events /Sports
  7. Healing-Myofascial / Triggering point
  8. Healing-Deep Tissue
  9. Healing-Back and neck
  10. Healing-Upper Limp and reflexology
  11. Healing-Foot and reflexology
  12. Healing-Sinusitis, Migraine and Headache
  13. Healing-Abdominal
  14. Healing-Lower Limps
  15. Healing-Body Care scrub(whole body scrub, body wrap, polish & facial)
  16. Healing-Head and Facial
  17. Healing – Signature & whole Body Scrub
  18. Healing – Body Scrub And Polish
  19. Healing – Limbs scrub & Steam
  20. Healing – Back scrub & steam
  21. Herbal Steam & Sauna

Our Integrated Services

Hot Herbal Compress

Beneficial for abdominal cramps, joint pains, lymph disorders, back pain, menstrual cramps, body or muscle pain.

Age Segments: Both children and adults.

According to their physical and bodily constituents.

Zati Warm Compression/Hot Oil Treatment

Beneficial for anxiety, depression, insomnia, menstrual migraines, palpitation, giddiness, tinnitus and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Age segment: Good for all ages from children to elderly.

Herbal Bath Immersion

Beneficial for neurogenic & skin disease, ulcers, arthritis, piles, abnormal curvature of spine, prolapsed disc, chronic gynaecological disorders, postpartum bath, osteoporosis in vertebrate and cures gout.

Age segments: Both children and adults.

Children(10-15 mins)  Adults(45 mins and above)

Localized Herbal Steaming

Beneficial for joint pain, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle stiffness, gout, sinusitis, back pain, paralysis, ringworm and muscle weakness.

Age segments: Both children and adults.

Administered depending upon the physical strength.

Herbal Steam Bath

Effective therapy to cleanse body toxin, enhances metabolism, improves joint function, gastritis, back pain and osteoarthritis. 

Age segment: Both children and adults.

Provided depending upon the indication of diseases.


To look at the indication and contra-indication of the disease. Detailed injury into health, symptoms and history. 

Thus, it gives greater context for analysis of the diseases.

Therapeutic Body Work and Bio- mechanics

Sports Massage

It is aimed at the preparation or recovery of the soft tissues from sporting or intense physical activity by promoting blood flow, relaxation and tissue mobility.


Muscle overuse results in tiny tears in muscle and scarring; these contribute to inflammation and muscle stiffness.

Back pain

 Trouble having back pain, joint pain and muscle pain? Consider your problem solved. Visit Norbu Healing Arts Centre

Your health is Our Responsibility.

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