Background of the Organization

Norbu International Wellness Institute [NIWI] associated with Norbu Healing Arts Centre has a reputation for well-rounded and professional graduates since 2016. It was established on 2nd March 2016. It is the first Ever Massage Therapy Training institute Registered under Technical & Vocational Education Training [TVET], Ministry of Labour& Human Resources [MoLHR]. As of date, the Institute has Endorsed Quality Management System [QMS] & accredited NC2 Hair & Beauty Therapy and N2 Massage Therapy by Department of Occupational Standards, MoLHR apart from Spa, Massage, and other Therapist Course. A four to Six months certificate program prepares a trainee to a trained Hair and Beauty, Spa, Massage, and other Therapist. The Institute provides other training programs that let your career grow better than ever. The program offers a unique mix of academic and practical courses combined with extensive practicum experiences. We focus not only on therapeutic training but also on concerns in the overall development of their career. The Institute has also trained and employed more than 32 Persons with Disabilities [PWDs] particularly those who are Visually Impaired which was initiated and funded by Disabled Persons Association of Bhutan [DPAB].

Our Vision

“To become a leading training Centre for excellence in professional healing massage, health SPA, Hair & Beauty and wellness development”

Our Mission

1. To provide a comprehensive and conducive learning platform.

2. To provide tailored made professional skill development programs.

3. To inspire and educate the vital role of skills in developing economy

3. To enhance and foster the availability of a skilled workforce in the job market

Our Values

1. Quality service
2. Friendliness
3. Respect
4. Reliability
5. Integrity
6. Transparency
7. Accountability
8. Customer satisfaction
9. Customer delight
10. Customer empathy & centric

Upcoming Training

  1. Hair and beauty therapist training
  2. Massage therapist training

Undergoing Training

  1. Critical skills training for persons’ with disabilities(PWD) in spa and massage therapy(26th May 2021)
  2. Critical skills training in hair and beauty therapist NC2, Tsirang dzongkhag(12th May 2021-11th November 2021)

Courses Offered

  1. Massage Therapist,NC2(6 months)
  2. Hair and beauty therapist, NC2(6 months)
  3. Massage therapist(short-term, one week to four months)
  4. Hair and beauty therapist(short-term, one week to four months)
  5. Ku-Nye therapist(10 to 21 days)

Massage Therapy Program- Evening Class