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Warm greetings from Norbu Healing Arts Centre. We are strategically located at Changjalu, Olakha Thimphu Bhutan. Norbu is a Bhutanese name and that derived from our Chief Executive Officer- In English its means “Jewels”. Healing is a service that we are equipped to help others heal since we are going through the process. We speak from the places of Love, Care and Happiness.  We do not only endeavor to meet our customers expectation but try exceeding those expectations.

Services: –

 The Centre will provide services through high quality therapeutic massage based on the needs of the customers with pure hands-on healing and the creative arts. Since the Centre is purely based on healing processes, there are no side effects as well as no danger to the health of all customers.

Mechanism/Approach: The modalities used are not intended to replace other forms of health care, but rather to complement and assist the healing processes.

This unit deals with healing therapy and massages. With well trained professionals, the unit provides best of services to the customers.

Bhutanese Arts of Massage


Bhutanese Massage therapy has health concern treatment where it offers modern & traditional choice of healing services as per customer choice & preferences. It includes scientific modern health approach checkup & traditional belief towards astrology & Zodiac healing. The customer has choice of healing as per modern health checkup or go towards Zodiac based on astrology treatment service through healing


The team of Norbu Healing concern on creating value to the customer through respecting customer empathy, loyalty & satisfaction


Serenity therapeutic Healing massage relieves stress, pain & improves the cognitive of optimism to have clam & peaceful mind


Bhutanese massage has different aspect of healing services. For traditional healing, it is based on zodiac or astrology choice, it has following benefits

  • Intrinsic focus on their zodiac or astrology treatment
  • Rightly focus on utilitarian need of customers
  • It creates value to the customers
  • Treatment entirely on their choice & preferences

For Modern healing, it includes scientific modern health approach checkup which derives the following health benefits

  • Scientific manipulation of soft tissues (It includes normalizing those tissues through manual technique)
  • It improves the circulation through natural healing that stimulate of the lymphatic system & reduction of stress hormones
  • It increased joint mobility and flexibility that leads to complete relaxation & improved skin tone
  • It improves the recovery of soft tissue injuries, heightened mental alertness & reduced anxiety and depression.


Bhutanese Arts of healing and Massage therapy includes the practices of body work, hands-on work and technique used to release trigger points. We also include the technique of joints mobilization and integrative therapeutic technique. It is more towards health conscious and every product and service offer entirely on the choice of customer and accordingly different technique applied based on necessities

Healing Therapy and Massage

Massage is defined as a manual therapy that manipulates the body’s soft tissues for therapeutic purposes by rubbing, kneading, or tapping. We all know that this type of therapy helps us relax and treat ourselves, but what many people don’t realize is that massage has a plethora of therapeutic benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. These include, among other things, the reduction of muscle tension, pain, stress, and depression. Touch has a powerful effect on everyone, from newborns to the elderly, and plays an important role in the survival process, as studies have repeatedly demonstrated.

This approach is a combination of customized healing and massage therapy designed with an aim to prevent and treat ailments. It also helps to maintain body, energy and emotional balance. This healing therapy session may differ depending on individual’s body need.

Regular massages make it simple to relieve discomfort, reduce stress, and improve bodily relaxation and functionality. According to research, each session provides numerous health benefits, making it an important part of your healthy lifestyle.

Make an appointment today to benefit in a variety of ways, including the following:

Relieve Muscle Pain

This is the most commonly cited advantage of massage therapy. Massage has the ability to provide general pain relief to the entire body, whether the pain is mild or chronic, the result of an injury or everyday activity. The massage therapist uses targeted pressure to help clients relax and get both short- and long-term pain relief.

Banish Anxiety & Depression

Many clients fall asleep during a full-body massage. That’s how relaxing a typical session can be. But for long-term stress relief, massage delivers the goods. People who receive massage regularly are better able to deal with stress, have less of it and are generally more content. For example, when someone has a massage once per month, the brain learns to release pain-killing endorphins into the bloodstream on a regulated basis, causing a lasting effect that helps eliminate common types of emotional stress.

Boost Sleep Quality

Massages can help people of all ages relax, and even those suffering from serious illnesses can benefit from this holistic therapy. Furthermore, infant parents can use a gentle technique to soothe their babies and help them sleep more.

Improves Posture and Flexibility

Sports massage can help with overall posture and flexibility. Some people seek massage solely for these reasons. Massage, when combined with a regular stretching routine, helps many adults keep muscles pain-free and allows for a fuller range of motion in all limbs and the torso.

Improve Immunity

Massage has been shown in studies to increase patients’ white blood cell count, which helps the body defend itself against disease. Furthermore, patients with autoimmune disorders can benefit from improved immune functions by making this simple lifestyle change.

A therapeutic massage session is all you need to say goodbye to your problems and improve your physical and emotional well-being, whether you want to relax, reduce muscle tension, or relieve chronic pain.

Healing Touch Spa offers a variety of holistic massages delivered by certified therapists to meet the needs of our clients.

Best Healing Services that we provide to our customers are:

  • Signature Healing

Promotes relaxation of most tensed muscles caused by everyday activities targeting superficial layers of muscle. It also aims in treating chronic pain and long-term sports related injuries targeting the inner layers of muscles and structure of the body. 

  • Aroma Healing

It is a holistic healing using natural plant extracts to promote physical and emotional health.

  • Geriatric/Elderly Healing

is healing taking into account of an aging body, including one’s overall health status, medical conditions and its use

  • Infant Healing

Soft and gentle massaging of infant between the age of 0-1 year to offer bonding/attachment to its parent, sooth and help infant’s left and right brain function to encourage development and tone.

  • Pregnancy Healing

Healing particularly designed for the mother to be that is gentle and soothing. Its benefits include easing general body aches as well as facilitating relaxation and preparation for Labour

  • Trekking/Sports Healing

It is a pre/post therapeutic sport massage which can be considered as a preparation for and after events. The procedures are designed mainly to prevent and take self-care before and after any trek/sports. This approach can also be considered as one of the most effective restorations after any sports/events. This massage therapy gives muscle relaxation and ensures proper blood circulation, thereby increasing muscle flexibility.

  • Myofascial / Trigger Point Healing

Myofascial healing is gentle manual healing to eliminate pain, restore postural alignment and to increase range of motion treatment of muscle and joint dysfunction. Trigger Point Healing is releasing the hypersensitive touts/knots of spots on muscles caused by repetitive movements.

  • Deep Tissue Healing

Healing the musculoskeletal issue such as strains and sports injuries releasing muscle pain and stiffness relieving relaxation for the body and mind.

  • Back and Neck Healing

Healing the conditions that are found in the back and neck that includes the pain, muscle tightness and spasm, stiffness and laxity in the joints, inflammation, taut bands (trigger points), overexertion and weakness.

  • Upper Limb and Reflexology Healing

 Providing relief and relaxation by applying specific pressure points on reflexology points of upper limb (Hand and Ears) that connect to other parts of body like eyes, ears and internal organs.

  • Foot and Reflexology Healing

Providing acupressure on the foot to bring relaxation, reducing stress and bringing balance to the body energy and mind. 

  • Head & Facial Healing

Head and facial massage provides acupressure on the head and involves releasing of tensed structures surrounding it releasing stress and aiding sleep.

  • Sinusitis, Migraine and Headache Healing

Sinusitis Healing using acupressure and releasing the structures that is caused due to an inflammation in the lining of tissues of sinuses. Migraine and Headache involves releasing the trigger points and muscles that culminate to migraine and various kinds of headache over the head, neck and shoulder. 

  • Abdominal Healing

It is the gentle healing over the stomach to tone abdominal walls, blood flow to the abdomen and to benefit abdominal organs.

  • Lower Limb Healing

Healing the lower limb musculoskeletal structures offering the drainage when there is accumulation of lymph fluid and health conditions associated with it like tear of muscles, tendons, ligaments, bursa, inflammation of joints, weakness and nerve- related injuries.


Membership: –

Our valued clients can avail 13 sessions of our wellness services mentioned below at fifty percent off offer from the actual prices. The cost of the membership offer is Nu. 10,000 (Ten Thousand Only) in which each session will be for 60 minutes durations and will last for 12 months.   The wellness services are accounted for healthy individual who desire to keep themselves healthy and sound.

Note: – the wellness membership will not cover any Healing related services as healing services are totally depend upon the consultation, assessment and intervention.

We offer the following services for membership:

  1. Signature Wellness Massage (Whole Body)
  2. Face Wellness Massage
  3. Head and Neck Wellness Massage
  4. Deep Tissue Wellness Massage
  5. Aroma Therapy
  6. Food Reflexology

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Membership fee should be paid on the date of enrollment.
  2. Services can be availed from 10 am to 8pm every day.
  3. Prior appointment fixing is always recommended.
  4. Membership can be shared by other member and accordingly the sessions will be deducted.
  5. Membership is for 1 year duration and will expire thereon if any unused sessions.
  6. Membership can be renewed/ continued upon the completion of 12 months durations.
  7. Each service of each person will be accounted for one session.

For registration, please click the link below and send us the complete form. For any clarification contact us @ +975- 17714050/17966100