For the first time in Bhutan

We are bringing you several new treatment packages of the Sowa Rigpa tradition. From relaxation to various therapeutic treatments for all ages, visit us to experience the benefits of a practice that has been there for centuries.

Pure Vision Sorig Healing Center is designed to give variety of wellness treatments to guests of all ages. Our main treatments are traditional therapeutic gentle external therapy (Jyamtse Ku Nye) and Five Nectar (Amritas) Bath and Steam.

Jyamtse Ku Nye is a standalone treatment as well as preventive measure against illnesses and a supportive treatment in conjunction with other modalities. It is an excellent way to relax, promote general health and wellbeing. It prolongs life by clearing and sharpening the sensory organs while supporting the function of the internal organs.

Five Nectars (Amritas) Herbal Bath and Steam, Five Nectar (Amritas) Bath, Five Nectars (Amritas) Steam bath

According to the Sowa Rigpa tradition, the five nectar herbal fusion rejuvenates the body, stimulates blood circulation, expels dampness, heat and phlegm, eliminates toxins, benefits internal organs, strengthens the lower back and improves flexibility. The five nectar herbal fusion is also believed to benefit sports injuries, muscle pain, arthritis, rheumatism, skin conditions and chronic fatigue. It also has anti-stress and anti-ageing properties

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