Joenpalekso to Norbu Healing Arts Centre! Norbu Healing Arts Centre is the only professional Healing Service provider in the country. The Centre was established on May 2nd, 2015 with a vision to provide professional Healing and wellness Services to Bhutanese & Travelers visiting Bhutan. The team comes with a vast experience of about 10 to 20 years in this related field. The Centre provides Bhutanese Arts of Healing practice using indigenous herbs which are hand produced and been in use for many centuries in their community. And these products have been found with huge medicinal values. Our skills and techniques in herbal based healing therapy matches second to none with professional and experts giving the services. And it has helped many lives over the years. We provide traditional herbal based therapy as well as modern treatments. We also provide other customized healing therapies using special herbs and essential oils of your choice. If you are looking for any healing and wellness therapies, then look no further we are equipped with more of traditional setup, with good facilities and professionals who will cater your need in advancing good health and happy fulfilling life.