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Done by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of the blood returning to...


ནོར་བུ་བདེ་ཐབས་དང་མཉེ་འཕུར་བཅོ་ཐབས་སྤེལ་ཁང་། Norbu Academy of Spa and...


ནོར་བུ་མརྗེས་ཆ་དང་སྐྱ་བཅོ་ཐབས། We also provide professional and...

Welcome to Norbu Healing Arts & Training Centres

With modernization and the development of the country, people are not really concerned with their health which has become Bhutan’s one of the concerns. Many people suffer from work related stress, sickness due to lack of exercises which causes imbalances in the body masses which can be recovered through simple healing practices.
We will engage the therapeutic value of hands-on healing and the creative arts as ways of countering the negative impact of stress in our daily lives. The healing modalities used will be geared toward bringing about a state of balance, so that each one’s own healing potential can be more fully realized. We are more than just physical beings. The goal of this work will facilitate body, mind and spirit integration.
The centre will provide services through high quality therapeutic massage based on the needs of the customers with pure hands on healing and the creative arts. Since the centre is purely based on healing processes, there are no side effects as well as no danger to the health of the people who visits the centre.
The center will be equipped with trained professional staffs in the healing processes and few helpers to assist them.

The center will not use any medical equipment, drugs or any form of medicinal components which the Royal Government of Bhutan provides it free to citizens of Bhutan (health care system).
The modalities used are not intended to replace other forms of health care, but rather to complement and assist the healing processes.


Training Centre

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Our Location

Changjalu Lam,
Thimphu, Bhutan.